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Rain Gutter
Fabrication and Repair


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Residential and Commercial Rain Gutter Fabrication and Repair
in Medford 
and all of Southern Oregon
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Fontana Roofing, Inc. is a full-service residential and commercial roofing company located in Medford, Oregon offering reliable professional roofing services for your home or business in the Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon.

All of our gutters are fabricated on site and roll formed from heavy duty aluminum, copper or steel.  We also install quality mitered corners for smaller seams and increased structural integrity which greatly reduces the possibility of leaks.  Heavy duty hidden hangers are used with zinc plated screws. We use a high quality gutter sealant on end caps, mitered corners, and downspout sleeves, and all corners are fastened with rivets for longevity and a cleaner look. 


Both gutters and downspouts are available in over 30 different colors. Aluminum gutters are the most common style gutter but are also available in steel and copper.

Serving Southern Oregon Since 1996

rain gutter repair medford oregon


Rain gutters leak because of the expansion and contraction of the metal used in gutter construction. After time, the sealer used on gutters can not go through this expansion and contraction and fails allowing your gutters to leak.

Gutters that are not maintained will leak and cause fascia damage over time.

We Know How to Battle Leaking Gutters!


Some home and business owners mistakenly believe that because their building exterior is brick and their shingles are a fire resistant material, their home or business can’t catch fire from the outside.


Few materials are fireproof, and even if your building's exterior materials are fire-resistant, that doesn’t mean fireproof. Because an ember from a forest or other fire can travel more than 5,000 feet, you don’t want to provide any fuel for a fire on your roof.


Remember, your rain gutter is attached to your building's roofline and your roofing system is partly constructed of wood.

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